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Atlantic Nail Supply's mission is to bring you top of the line professional brands, superior customer service, a friendly & fun shopping experience.


As well bring you top notch education, in a fun, relaxed but professional atmosphere.

After classes you will leave with new skills, confidence, nails to show off to clients and a new outlook on the nail world.

Their courses aren't just a course you take and just be given a certificate and walk away feeling lost or forgotten.

Their guarantee to you is that you will walk away knowing what you are doing, how to apply these skills to your future nail designs and always continued support.


Their guarantee when you shop with them, they will be able to guide you to the right products, help you use them, offer demos, support, stock, and keep you up-to-date in the industry.


They look at all nail professionals as one, it doesn't matter where you work, if you are new or seasoned, 18 yrs old or 85 yrs old, they are their for YOU! 


The professional nail store, for nail techs, by nails techs!