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Absolute Product Line

Experience Quality! 


Gel Polishes:

Available individually or in collections while supplies last.

Experience our highly pigmented gel polishes, they apply like butter.

Smooth application, and self leveling.

Our polishes are great for designs such as ombre, color blocking, abstract designs, as well perfect for full coverage nails and toes.

Absolute is created with the Nail Tech in mind, whether you're a new nail tech or a veteran nail tech, you will love these gel polishes.

You can use them for manicures, on top of overlays, extensions and for pedicures.

  • Lasts for up to four weeks
  • Soak off
  • Special 15ml bottle, with color swatch cap
  • Curing time: 30 sec LED and 2 min UV
  • Highly pigmented, 1-2 Coat coverage, Salon quality, Professional use only
  • Not tested on animals, 100% Vegan and free from any BSE Vectors
  • All Glycerin in our products is derived from vegetable extracts



4 great brushes
- Sculpting Brush #6
- Ombre
- Liner Brush
- Detail Brush
Brush Lengths:
- Sculpting Brush #6 (7mm wide & 8mm long)
- Ombre
- Liner Brush (11mm)
- Detail Brush (5mm)
Made of high quality synthetic bristles to make this brush easy to control and give you the best results you want.
Liner & Detail Brushes have thin bristles, they form a needle point at the tip of the brush, ensuring you get crisp, clean lines every time.
They are available individually or in a set of 4.
All brushes have amazing fitting caps, so your brushes are protected from dust, dirt, light and travel.
They are the most beautiful color so you can easily grab your brushes and display them at your desk.
The words are in white so you can easily read what brush you are grabbing.
They are synthetic hair. Making these brushes vegan.



Absolute Perfect Nail Forms

  • 300 pc Roll
  • Bat Wings Pre Cut
  • Sidewall Cut Guides 
  • Extended Hyponychium Cut Guide
  • Multi Shape Guides
  • Reflective Paper
  • Strong Adhesive 
  • Easy to Read


Builder Gels:

Perfect No Heat Builder:

Perfect No Heat Builder gel is designed for clients who are hard on their nails and need a stress resistant builder gel.

Perfect Builder Gel is soft & workable at application and then stable as soon as you are done sculpting and remove the brush, with a slow self level.

Perfect Builder Gel is very stable and offers better sculpting control ability. 

  1. Color: Clear
  2. Dispersion Layer  
  3. Sizes Available: 30ml & 56ml
  4. Cure time: 30-60 Seconds in LED Depending on your lamp & 2 mins in UV
  5. Thick Viscosity, slow self leveling building and blending gel, this gel is perfect to let you sculpt nails of different length and thickness, including true length stilettos 
  6. Allows for you to be able to apply to all 5 nails at once
  7. Perfect for sculpting clear nails
  8. Recommended for new nail techs, intermediate & advanced nail techs.
  9. Very durable!
  10. UV/LED Formula
  11. Use for mixing custom glitters, applying crystals, embedding, sculpted full set, rebalance & overlays



Save in the bundle pack!!

Available as single pieces, 25 pk & 50 pk

We only offer the one style file, because, simply put, we love the boomerang style!

Our Premium Zebra files have all the right angles! Rounded for near the cuticle, straight for the side walls & surface.

The boomerang shape and quality zebra abrasive will make your filing a breeze.

We have chosen 1 file - 1 grit, so you do not waste your file, if you have a side you favour. 

These files like all files are 1 time use.

  • Premium Quality Materials: Absolute Zebra Nail Files made of top quality adhesive tape and emery board materials provide you a comfortable nail filing experience.
  • You only just need to apply light pressure and they will not bend
  • Excellent Nail Filing Tools- At perfect size of 7.09 x 1.10 x 0.16 inches, these essential nail tools are great for filing nails before nail treatment & nail extension.

  • Easy and effective to use, removes ridges on your nail surface, ideal for extension, natural nails and manicure and pedicure.

  • Available Grit: 180/180, 150/150



Absolute Mini Buffers:

are a perfect for buffing natural nails, toes and sculpted nails before color application or design.

Save with the bundle pack!

100/100 makes for the perfect buffer, making your color application go on like a breeze, they are perfect for fingers & toes.

They are the perfect size for one time use and also fit in your hand with full comfort. 



Lint-Free Wipes Cotton Napkins For Nails High Quality

Ideal for nail preparation, nail polish and gel polish removal, nail prep and as a finishing cleanser wipe. Lint-free material cleans without leaving behind any fibers.


Soft, absorbent and sanitary.

Size: 6(L) ×4.3(W)cm
Material: Pure Cotton Non-woven Fabrics
Quantity: 540pcs in each pack
Made Of High Quality And Soft Cotton
Easy To Cleaning Nail Gel And Nail Polish
Perfect Tool For Professional & Home Using




Cuticle Oil:

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